This extraordinary island set in the Indian Ocean, off the southeastern tip of India, has thousands of years of diverse culture. Still a predominantly Buddhist country, it also has strong Hindu, Christian and Muslim communities as well. Incredibly fertile and a great producer of exotic fruits and it was for centuries the spice producer of the world famous for its Cinnamon & Pepper. It is now best known for its tea plantations established by the British in the cooler, misty and incredibly picturesque hill country. With a strong cultural past that now offers over 7 UN World Heritage sites, Sri Lanka was once one of the richest countries in Asia. In more recent times it has not developed at the dramatic pace of its neighbors’ in the region adding to its charm and character. The relative lack of development and gentle island pace make Sri Lanka the perfect destination for those looking for a varied and stimulating holiday. From beautiful beaches, unbelievable flora and fauna (much endemic), amazing architecture as well as a vast amount of historical & religious sites, white water rafting, cycling and many other adventures for the more active and finally the friendliest of people who carry infectious smiles with them every day!